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" Salutations.  My name is Derek, I am the founder and writer here at  This site's creation is due to my overwhelming love of all things associated with gaming, anime, and manga.  I consider myself to be a competitive gamer and an hardcore otaku. is a passion project, something meant originally to be my creative outlet to grow as a writer while expressing my keen interest in those hobbies I adore, nothing more.  However, I seem to have sparked something within myself, a feeling of wanting to deliver quality news, reviews, interviews, and editorials that are unmatched in their presentation, quality, and informative nature.

Have something that you would like to contact me about?  If you have inquiries pertaining to me or my site, including (but not limited to) offers for me reviewing your material, interviewing yourself or a prominent figure, promotional postings & business opportunities (Including affiliations), and any other matter, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

NOTE:  PLEASE make sure that you look over my site and that it correlates with your business proposal. " -




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