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JamieAdmin Founder
May 4 '16
I also added your domain so people can go straight to your site along with some other features(rss & twitter embed)
JamieAdmin Founder
May 4 '16
Ohh man thats cool as hell, I'm right next door to you in Alabama. I remember reading Mississippi when I first saw your page but forgot about it later.

Aviator Quantum

JTygergames Updates!

  •       I know launching a beta test for a demo seems pretty conservative. However, since this entire process is quite new to me I wanted to control the launch as much as possible. I'd rather slow walk the release and the game have balanced mechanics, acceptable difficulty and most importantly I want the game to be stable. When you release any app to the android marketplace, you literally have thousands of devices at your fingertips. One of the differences between planning an a [...]
    Mar 10 '17
  • So it's been almost two weeks since the last post. Here are the updates in no particular order.My Android beta test should be live soon. Just waiting on the finishing touches of the promotional video to be applied. So far I've only had to fix 3 bugs that I hadn't run across, so that's a promising sign I hope.I decided to go ahead and launch on the iOS platform as well. Initially, I wanted to handle just one platform at a time, but an opportunity to get a promotional campaign has presented itself [...]
    Feb 28 '17
  • So there's a lot of updating that I didn't do between the last blog post and this one.Summary:Fixes: Faulty boss logic, faulty asteroid collisions,Additions: Boss fight mechanics, Power-up concepts, level soundtracks, Gameplay Tutorial, Lore Narratives, Ads, Bonus Content  Tweaks: Re-programmed existing power-ups in order to balance gameplay, I have done a solid week of private QA testing and I do believe the game is ready for a public beta test. The publishing process is interest [...]
    Feb 19 '17
  • It's a New Year! So much to update you guys and gals on.Positive News: I've found several new ways to get the art & assets I need to complete the game. I've added power ups, an intro & a tutorial explaining the control scheme. I've been able to test on phones and the user interface looks great. I'm close to achieving the ideal gameplay balance on the PC & HTML5 ports. Asteroids are close to doneNegative News: I have yet to achieve a realistic gameplay balance on the Android port [...]
    Jan 24 '17
  • I found a dialogue engine. Playing with it. I'll let you know how it goes. [...]
    Jul 1 '16
  • Ok...I don't have a graphic artist that can consistently give me the art I need to finish up. I'm done with using that as an excuse now. I will code while motivated & make art place holders like I've been doing. It's time to play with the dialogue engine I acquired and make some cutscenes. I'm also going to put BACK the Moon & Mars level art work so I can work on the graphics & checkpoints. The last thing is installing artwork so that players can choose a pilot avitar...Hope to be fi [...]
    Jun 1 '16
  • One of the toughest parts of being a indie game developer working on their first game is getting the word out about your game. I would like as many players as possible to experience the game so that I know what gameplay mechanics are enjoyable & what about the game isn't as enjoyable. For example I didn't know my game was visually too busy until 3 weeks ago. I didn't know the game was too hard until 4 weeks ago. Glad I know these things now before I launch the entire game. [...]
    May 27 '16
  • Hello everybody. When working on a game at one in the morning, you miss certain things that are obvious when you're working on the game during "normal" hours. First thing is the music on the level would double up when the player died, so I fixed that. I didn't notice because I was playing the game on mute so I wouldn't disturb anyone. Second thing is I did a patchwork solution on the GUI. I still don't know why the GUI would shift after the player ran out of lives, but it's fixed as well. So...I [...]
    May 26 '16
  • The backgrounds will be less complicated.The enemy mite class of ships will now be destroyed with 1-hit.The GUI should be fixed once the player has re-played  [...]
    May 19 '16
  • Long story short, I burned myself out. That's one of the major drawbacks of being a one man team. I have to do all the coding. I sub contracted the artwork, but lately the artwork has been coming at a slower pace. Which slows me down and forces me to fight "feature creep". The demo I put out isn't perfect but it's the end product of 3 years of work, so I'm still proud of it. Working until 2 a.m. sleeping for 4-5 hrs and doing it all over for 2 months wore me out. I didn't want to do anything ass [...]
    May 19 '16