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Black Nerd Squad

"Black Nerd Squad is the brain child of two Black female nerds that wanted to create a place where any nerd could come to find the latest in anime, mange, comics, entertainment and more.  Our squad of writers and contributors have a diverse background of interests and talents.

However, Black Nerd Squad was not created as a means of separation from all nerdom. We want to represent the small segment of nerdocracy that often gets neglected: nerds and geeks of color.  It’s a way of letting anyone that feels ashamed or has been picked on  because of their unique  interests. There are so many Black nerds, or blerds, out there that feel they don’t have a community where they can just be themselves. There are more of us than you could imagine! As such, we decided on a name to represent not only our background but also our love for all nerdy things. Though we will be want to grow a community of people of color, everyone of every race is welcome. By starting with one common interest, we are able to build on this interest and learn more about each other. We know Nerdywood may not be the means to erase the color lines but it’s our mission to give it a try.

Our ultimate goals is to provide a website for lesser known Black comic writers, illustrations, comic book publishers, animators and other professional Black nerds can share and promote their work. We know that promotions and advertising can become very costly when you are just starting out. However, we want to provide an affordable place to promote your work. Ideally, we want to partner with other new and established Blerd sites and partner to book tables at trade shows and comics for these artists to reach a larger audience. Since we are not artists ourselves, we feel it is our duty to get your voice and your artistry out to the world.

Welcome to the Squad!" - Black Nerd Squad

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