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Yep I'm the culprit who made all this here.

Well I quess this would be a good time to tell why I'm here. Originally I was only working on the game trading service "Leme hol dat" Videogames that was basically going to be it. I found that given the uniqueness of the business model I needed a place for people to get accustom to the business and build trust.

To build trust I settled on the Gaming Society as a simple forum for people to discuss gaming with a deep focus on not just "what new releases are coming out?" But game design elements as well. That's why there is a deep focus on game design & development at all levels in the NKONSONKONSON(forums).

While looking for a content management solution to use for storing material posted in the NKONSONKONSON(not stored elsewhere online) I came across this platform you're reading now. I liked it for housing data and thought other users could use it as a storage House for the society also hence the word FIHANKRA means(house/compound) but it seemed to do to much as I just needed a stash for videos, pdf, pictures, etc.

After scaling it's functionalities back I played with embedding twitch videos. From there I got the idea to keep the NKONSONKONSON as an internal society as conceived before and use the FIHANKRA as a hub for external activities such as watching streaming games and finding news sites by black content producers. From there everything came into being and here we are, out of the blue...almost completely unplanned but I like the current state of the service.

"But, what's with the Africa stuff?"

"Africa stuff" Hahaha... Long story short one day I saw a suspect news broadcast about ...Arabs actually, that caused me to take a look at the history of the "Niger river bend" & Ethiopia. The history was so compelling that I spent a couple years engrossed in studying all aspects of the continent and diaspora. So much so that I actually stopped gaming for a long period of time. After coming out the other end; that knowledge is integral to who I am and how I think. I'm still a big gamer but my thought process and priorities have shifted.

Think of a chef cooking all dishes with 5 ingredients, then one day they find 10-15 more ingredients that are also usable. While the chef still cooks as before what gets thrown together is going to change because of the increased number of ingredients at their disposal.

"The Africa stuff" is simply a reflection of a chef(me) with more ingredients(knowledge) to cook with.

What um up to!

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JamieAdmin Founder
Feb 12 '17
So I finally finished my test of "unreal Universe" over lan. Both the co-op game and single battles. Though the co-op only worked peer to peer. You can't do "dedicated server" based co-op which makes sense I guess. Next up is to test it over a distance. I need to get some testers lined up for a network test.So I finally finished my test of "unreal Universe" over lan. Both th...See more
JamieAdmin Founder
Oct 2 '16
Luke "Dame" Cage
JamieAdmin Founder
Oct 2 '16
Luke cage is officially marvels most petty character ever LOL Bruh $200! He wasted more then that on jet fuel. ....inflation aside. https://youtu.be/XAuWguSDrGgLuke cage is officially marvels most petty character ever LOL Bruh $200! He wasted more then that on jet fuel. ....inflation aside. See more
JamieAdmin Founder
Aug 31 '16
Currently looking to start an internet show based on Gaming cross roads section! (Fingers crossed)